“One of the most talented, and creative engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with”  – Deke Sharon

      “I’ve spent a lot of hours in the studio with Chip, recording tracks, vocals, mixing and generally anything you might do in making a record. Chip not only pushes all the right buttons, so to speak, he adds to the ease and quality of each recording, with a smile..Try him..You’ll like it!!!

All changes are made with a smile…!!  –  Gary Katz (Steely Dan Producer)


“Platinum ears. Extraordinary technical capability. Great

musicianship. Searing concentration. Efficient. No

nonsense. Generous. Kind. Respectful. Trustworthy. And

did I mention platinum ears? These are the ways I describe

engineer / producer CHIP REARDIN. There have been many

engineers and producers in my 35 years of recording

experience, engineers and producers for companies like

Sony, Deutsche Grammophon and Universal (formerly Decca

and Philips). Many of them have been extremely good. Not

one has been better than Chip.

In my opinion, Chip Reardin could be producing award-

winning recordings in the biggest and best places on the

planet. He chooses to work at Airtime Studios in

Bloomington, Indiana. When I am asked to record in other

venues with other people behind the glass, I am always

wishing Chip was the one in charge. He is #1! The Best.

With deep commitment, I can heartily recommend CHIP

REARDIN as your partner in recording beautiful music. He

knows how to make us sound the way we wish we sounded!”

– Sylvia McNair (2 time grammy winner)

“I’ve worked with Chip on various project’s over the last 10+ years, in all genres of music. He is one of the best in the business.  No matter the project, he approaches it with a creative and open mind while giving his best efforts to make each song the best that it can be.”

 -Corey Frye Lead Vocalist of The Main Squeeze 


“Chip engineered and coproduced our debut studio album, and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to make our songs come to life.  Not only is Chip an extremely talented engineer and producer, he is consistently hard working, open minded, positive, and creative when asked to give his honest opinion.  We hope to get the chance to work with Chip again in the near future :)” . – The Main Squeeze


“I have never met anyone more dedicated to their craft than Chip is. He gives a thousand percent to every project he works on.It’s inspiring and a great work environment when you know you’re being recorded by someone who cares about the project as much as you do. I’ve been recording with him for over a decade and even after moving away from Bloomington I still go back to record with him. He has a keenly trained ear and has brought more width and depth into my music than I even really knew was possible. There’s no person on the planet I trust more with my music.” – Hythum


“Chip is one of the best engineers I’ve ever worked with.  He can always anticipate what a musician needs for a smooth and efficient session.  His technical skills are lightning fast, and his musicianship always contributes to the final product.” – Dan Ponce (Straight No Chaser)


“My name is Tyler Trepp and I sing with the a cappella group, Straight No Chaser. I’ve worked with Chip Reardin on several projects while signed with Atlantic Records. Our group has recorded 3 LP’s and 1 EP where he was a primary engineer. He also mixed several of the songs from those albums. Recording a cappella comes with a lot of editing, and Chip’s ability to work quickly and efficiently was vital to our overall success on these projects. Mixing is almost more important in the shaping of an a cappella track and Chip did a great job on the songs he mixed as well. Chip is a great engineer and whether he’s working for us or someone else I know there’s a great asset sitting behind that board.” – Tyler Trepp

“Chip was integral in capturing the performances we wanted for our records, including two Certified Gold Records.” David Roberts


“I love working with Chip Reardin. He’s an efficient, sensitive recording engineer, who knows how to get the best from me, and the guest artists that I bring into the studio. He’s also a great drummer and guitarist, and plays those instruments on many of my songs. He’s an essential part of my overall sound because he has been co-producer on nearly everything I have released for the last 10 years!” – Tim Reed


“Chip is an excellent, very detail-oriented, incredibly efficient engineer, and also a true musician.  He was an invaluable part of our album process.” Randy Stein


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