Airtime Studios Equipment List

Macklie Digital 8bus Console with total automation and recall of all parameters
24 tracks ADAT XT20 20bit recorders
DBX QUANTUM 96k 48bit mastering processor
Mac G5 dual-quad core running Digital Performer 6
Mac G5 dual 2GIG running Digital Performer 6
and Masterlist CD
UAD-1 Powered Plug-ins
Waves Gold plug-in bundle
Waves Restoration bundle
Antares Auto-tune
Antares Mic Modeler
Motu 2408II
Motu 2408
Motu 24i
Motu 308
RME Fireface 800 Audio Interface
Tascam DA 30II Dat
Tannoy SGM 3000 Main Monitors (15” concentric), Yamaha P2700 Amp
Sony TC K690 3 head cassette
Alesis Q2 effects processor
Art Multiverb
Art SGE multefx
Deltalab ddl
Korg Sampling Delay

Yamaha C7 7’4″ conservatory grand piano, Mint condition
Hammond A100 organ, with Leslie 147
Wurlitzer 200 A electric Piano
Proteus pk6 Keys
Yamaha P120 Digital Grand Piano
Line 6 POD
Gibson Falcon 1964 tube amp
Roland JC120 Amp
Takamine Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha Classical Guitar
Casio MIDI MG-51O Guitar
BOSS Power Driver PW-2- AJ
DOD FX 102 Mystic Blues Overdrive
Bongos, Djembe, congas, Tablas, Extensive Percussion
ZOOM 123 Drum machine
Farfisa Italian Reed Organ (1950’s)
Portable Civil War Style Pump Organ
TAMA Rock Star 5-piece drum kit

Akg C414XLS (2)
Earthworks QTC1 (2)
Neumann M147
Groove Tubes AM6 multipattern cond.
Cad E300 multipattern cond. (2)
MXL 4000 Multi-Pattern cond. (2)
CAD M37 (2)
Octava MC012 (2)
Rode NT2 (2)
AKG C3000 (2)
AKG C1000 (2)
TOA KY cardioid condenser 3 micron (7)
Sennheiser MD421 (1)
Sennheiser MD504 (3)
EV RE-20
AKG D112
Sure SM58 (2)
Sure SM57 (3)
B.L.U.E- The Ball (2)

Great River 4 channel mic pre
Presonus MP 20
TLA Dual preamp/compressors 120736
PSE custom mic dual class A mic pre. transformer coupled
point-to-point wired
Studio Technologies Mic Pre-eminence Preamp
Aphex Tubessence pre
ART dual mp

Recently completed comprehensive studio remodel with studio designer Wes Lachot
LEDE Control Room, reflection Free Zone
All Mogami Wire in signal Path
Kitchenette, bathroom, quiet country settingation of heat.

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